15 October 2018

Running A Campaign versus Playing Dungeons & Dragons

Do you design a rollicking good adventure? Stock it was amazing monsters, traps, treasure; some drawn from mythology and literature while others are made up from your personal nightmares? Do you cram as much fun and imagination as you can dream up ... then figure out how to make it all run using whatever rules you have handy? D&D, T&T RQ, EPT; no matter. It's the adventure, the rules are just the means to that adventure.

Congratulations! You're playing it old school.

If you design your adventure around the rules, its monsters, concepts, tropes? You should keep trying. It isn't the rules that make the game, its the campaign that brings the rules to life.

It's the adventure, not the rules.

07 October 2018

IMC: Brawler Weapons

Brawlers are the bouncers and peace-keepers in my milieu. They are ideally strong and nimble, or at least one of those two. Brawlers prefer non-lethal weapons, so I’m developing the following ideas for their arsenal. The first group can be used to inflict brawling damage or for their special ability, the second group either brawling or actual damage and their special ability.

  • Non-Lethal
  • Billy Club, daze
  • Whip, disarm
  • Weighted Net, immobilize
  • Cestus, +2 subdue damage in fisticuffs 

  • For Bad Neighborhoods, these may inflict either subdual or actual damage 
  • Dagger
  • Sword Breaker, also disarms
  • Bola, also immobilizes
  • Cudgel

Brawling Damage: opponents have their current number of hit points but brawling damage is “imaginary.” A hit in a brawl deducts normally rolled damage from the target’s hit point total but the damage recovery occurs by resting 6 turns (1 game hour) after the fight. If the damage roll is “6” one hit point of actual damage occurs, plus STR bonus if applicable. 

29 September 2018

Just Hit "Send"

It is said the best way to find errors in document is print/send/mail, etc.

I've found a number of errors in the reader copy of the Annotations. Those are corrected, and work on the print version will continue.

Should you find anything needing fixing? Please don't assume I know about it, I would appreciate you dropping me a line. I'll be happy to give you a shout out in the next reader version and the upcoming print release.

Already? Updated Annotations

I overlooked a huge formatting error. Here is the new version: 1a

Annotations v1a

OD&D Annotations: A Closer Look At A Seminal Work

Here is my document for annotations. 10-pt. Arial, ragged right. 

OD&D Annotations First Edition

03 September 2018

What I’m Working On

The reader version of Annotations is in the hands of proofreaders. I expect to release it “into the wild” within the next week.

My Psion for OD&D came up this past week. I realized, much to my surprise, I never released the updated version I promised. I’ll probably work that up in the next week or two, since most of the work is already done though in rough beta form.

After that? I’m going to take on annotating the supplements to OD&D.

Keep in mind I have a trip coming up and will be out of pocket for about a week and a half. So any releases after Annotations and Psion are pretty tentative at this time. I’ll release my working draft of the supplemental annotations on this ‘blog, just like I did the main rules.

17 August 2018

The Supplements, Annotated?

What's New With Phil & Dixie ... errr ... What's Next For Annotations? 

The response to my modest little effort to annotate OD&D's TLBB has been gratifying, to say the least. My current plans are to (1) finish whipping my manuscript into a nice PDF and POD format, and (2) being annotating the supplements. I'm considering all sources at this time, though it's possible I'll narrow the field a bit once work begins.

The syllabus starts getting a bit fuzzy after one gets "outside the box" but at the least I'll include the digest-sized booklets; with the possible exception of Swords & Spells.

What I might do is an "off-the-menu" annotation of the auxilliary works: Chainmail, Swords & Spells, AH's Outdoor Survival, and the periodicals Strategic Review and Dragon.

I'm currently projecting no more than 2 weeks to polish the current OD&D annotations ms, I've been working steadily on it the past few days, then I'll begin with Supplement I: Greyhawk. 

Thank you for reading!