25 March 2019

Adventure Hook: Honbria's Sorrow

Honbria's Sorrow

An adventure hook taking place in a smaller settlement such as a village, thorpe, or hamlet; located in an area known for gentle, temperate climes.

Once per year (or decade, century, etc.), on the third day of the third month the village experiences a brutal freeze (significantly below zero) for a period of 24 hours. On this day, anyone leaving the comfort of indoors to venture out has a 1 in 20 chance of never coming back. Their clothing, still fastened/buttoned/laced, etc., is the only evidence left behind of their presence.

On the day before temperatures drop markedly. Fights break out, relationships go bad, the tamest of dogs bite, good riding horses become bucking broncos, etc.

On the day afterward temperatures rapidly rise to normal levels. Friendships form, love blooms, everything is normal again.

The locals refer to this as Honbria's Sorrow, she is said to be mourning the death of her children in the dim, dark past of history.

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