07 January 2015

KH-1 Something Rotten in Riverton Update

My beginner level module compatible with OD&D (and most pre-1983 versions of D&D) is getting an update with a second level soon. My thanks to Paratime Design for the excellent work on the map. If you're in need of custom maps of any type, I highly recommend his service. Paratime Design also has some maps available, including some really nice village and town maps, through DriveThruRPG.

Something Rotten In Riverton is a beginner level module designed for 4-12 players of 1st level. The update will include a second level along with some helpful advice for beginning level referees. As with the the original version, the PDF will be free and the module will be available at cost + shipping from Lulu's print-on-demand service. This link currently leads to the original, one level version.

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