16 September 2015

S&W: White Box For PbP Game on Dragonsfoot

Before digging into the rules I'd like to humbly request players always identify their character by name and class when posting a move. For example: Boromir the fighter draws his sword and with a mighty challenge he ... This will really help me out when adjudicating the game.

Assume any non-optional rule in the books to be in use unless specifically excluded here. If you wish to play a variant class or race not in the S&W:WB rules e-mail or message me and let me know what you have in mind. 

Character Generation

You may swap any other ability score for the prime requisite of your desired class. This will allow some good characters without completely removing the element of chance.

  • Fighters get +1 to melee damage rolls for STR 15 or more. 
  • Magic-Users get an extra 1st level spell for INT 15+.
  • Clerics get an extra 1st level spell for WIS 15+ (yes, even at first level).

Fighters add +2 hit points to their first HD roll, not +1 as in the rulebook.

Magic-Users begin the game with a wand of arcane bolts which allow the casting of a glowing magical missile doing d4 damage with hits resolved as if the caster is wielding a light crossbow. The wand comes with a rune of spell conversion inscribed upon it, converting any spell of equal or higher value into the specific spell for that rune. For example: a rune of sleep will convert any other memorized spell into a sleep spell. This takes the same amount of time and concentration as casting the spell of the same name and taking this action will naturally remove the original spell from the caster's memory.

Clerics may sacrifice any spell memorized into a cure light wounds (CLW) spell. Doing so will of course, remove the original spell from memory.


We will be using the simplified order of battle for resolving combat.

No ties when rolling initiative. 

Please use Ascending Armor Class (higher number is better armor class) for this game.

The single saving throw method will be used.

The bind wounds rule will be used.


Assuming my monsters are exactly like the rulebook monsters may be hazardous to your player-characters! Typical monsters (goblins, for instance) will either be as written or I'll let you know the difference if it becomes necessary (per my background information ruling).


I randomly roll most treasure but freely hand-pick and custom design some of the better items

Potions will be consistent as to taste and appearance, meaning that a healing potion will usually have the same color and taste as other healing potions. Sipping to try and deduce the nature of a potion is allowed.  

Team Play

I encourage team play and humbly request your PC not visit violence upon fellow party members.

As an impartial referee, however, I will allow you take whatever action you deem appropriate. Just remember that actions have consequences and deities are always watching ...


  1. Gosh, now I have questions ... I wonder about the Wand of Arcane Bolts: How many times per day can it be used? How many charges do they carry? Can they be recharged?

    I also wonder how your bind wounds rules work.

    1. Wand of Arcane Bolts: does not require any charges. Alternately, you can think of it having infinite charges but I prefer the former. It can be used as often as desired with no limitations or issues. ROF, range, etc. are all as a light crossbow in whatever FRPG rules you are using. I even allow players to specify the visual nature of the bolt (e.g. red, green, hard-to-see blip, etc.). Because use of the wand requires a "to hit" roll, I've find this wand does not unbalance the MU at all.

      Binding wounds restores d4 wounds but cannot completely heal a character. e.g. if a player has 3 points of damage and rolls "3" after binding his wounds, he will only gain 2 hp of healing.

      Does that answer your questions? Please let me know.