24 August 2016

Hey Barkeep! Fantasy Redux

Dwarven Iron Brew: the top of the heap when it comes to strong drink. This beer puts lightweights under the table with one serving.

Dwarven Brandy: another drink known for high alcohol content and strong flavor. Few besides the mountain folk can stand the taste, which has been described as earthy and dark.

Endari Moon Wine: the high elves serve up this dark maroon wine only rarely to outsiders. The taste is said to produce feelings of melancholy and futility in non-elves.

Nordari Sky Wine: wood elves produce wine, though they tend to prefer ale. Sky wine can lift the spirits of any human or demi-human, removing any penalty to morale (though it will not increase morale above normal). Sky wine is so called due to it's sky blue coloration.

Nordari Ale: the preferred brew of the wood elf clans. A heady brew with a faintly fruity taste.

Gnomish Mead: the gnomes brew a variety of meads ranging from almost beer to cloyingly sweet.

Gnomish Small Beer: this brew is quite popular among the hill folk. It has a sharp taste that distinguishes their brews from others. Non-gnome brewers cannot duplicate that sharpness and gnomes aren't sharing their secret as to what it is.

Ent Draught: brewed in the Free City of Coleston, this beer is not truly the rumored drink of the tree-giants. This beer is famed for flavor and balanced taste.


  1. These are fun. Is that why you published them or is there another reason?

  2. For fun! It's mostly a byproduct of a project I'm doing. I'm trying to catalog my 40 years of campaign notes into a comprehensive reference for personal use. So as I'm working, I'm sharing some of the stuff from looking up.