29 December 2017

It's Getting To Where You Can't Like or Dislike Anything

Or, How To Ignite Yet Another Internet Flame War

I liked [ABC]!  But [XYZ] is better.

On its face, this is just a simple statement of opinion by someone who enjoyed watching the latest episode of a popular franchise film.

What I saw, and still see, is an unintentional troll challenging other trolls. Note the word "unintentional" before opening fire, please. I myself have posted things in all innocence that brought a real firestorm down upon me and others; so I've nothing but sympathy for anyone experiencing the same fate.

The first half of the statement is going to set off the section of fandom who didn't like it. Because, hardcore fans being what they are? If they don't like it that means they hate it. If they hate it, you'd best hate it, too. Or you open yourself to doxxing, death threats, rape threats, etc. All this has happened to people who refused to join "best film ever/worst piece of trash ever" club.

The second half of the statement will likewise provoke anyone who believes the second film (book, tv series, comic, etc.) was obviously superior to the first. Once again, battle is joined.

Then, of course, is the "I'm not a troll, but..." guy who wanders in-thread and makes the observation everyone involved (even those striving to remain civil and somewhat cogent) are idiots and wanders back out.

Thought #1: why can't a fan say he liked or didn't like something and not get a lot of flack over it?

Thought #2: why the thinly disguised dig at another title?

Thought #3: why are fans' identities, their very sense of self-worth, so firmly wrapped up in yet another let's pretend story?

Conclusion: can't we all calm down and just get along?

Conclusion #2: okay, the above conclusion was too simplistic. I have no solution, to be frank. Feelings are hurt, friendships ruined, cool online gaming hangouts are rendered toxic by these discussions. Discussions which, by their very nature, are inherent to that hangout (or forum, 'blog, convention, etc.).

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  1. Regarding #3: well, some people are losers.

    Being a fan of something is fine, but all of the nerd lifestyle crap wrapped up in "Fandom" is pathetic. Doesn't matter if it's Star Wars, D&D, Dr. Who, Harry Potter, Fallout, the Marvel franchise whatever....if the latest iteration of something ruins your childhood, if somebody thinks what you like sucks and it pisses you off, or if you ever say to yourself "if they only really understood" then sought to "educate" someone about an entertainment franchise...you need to grow the hell up.