05 February 2018

Why I Won’t Believe It’s Your Honest Opinion

Or, It’s Just The Same Ol’ Song & Dance ... 

A genre film is announced. 
This movie will suck! Look which studio is making it! 

The movie poster is released. 
This movie will suck! Look at the font they used for the title! 

The teaser trailer is released with a few tightly edited seconds of film. 
This movie will suck! You can tell the whole 2 hours from these 10 seconds! 

The trailer is released. 
This movie will suck! This almost whole minute of footage shows it! 

The movie comes out. 
This movie will suck! I won’t go see it. 

A few days later the naysayer spends a great deal of time and effort online dissecting the film. This is done while acting like he or she holds some kind of intellectual high ground for not liking a movie everyone seems to enjoy. Yet they evince a near-encyclopedic knowledge of a movie they continue to maintain they “never saw” and never will. 

And this, in a nutshell, is why I don’t believe you when you state you simply “do not like it.” You hated the idea from its inception and you never wavered from that hatred. 

Like or dislike whatever you wish. There are no shortage of popular films I don’t enjoy and more than a few stinkers I enjoy in spite of the fact that, from most standpoints, they really reek. I just keep quiet about when folks who obviously like the movie are discussing it. I will tactfully render my opinion if directly asked, but otherwise I’ll let them be. 

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