07 October 2018

IMC: Brawler Weapons

Brawlers are the bouncers and peace-keepers in my milieu. They are ideally strong and nimble, or at least one of those two. Brawlers prefer non-lethal weapons, so I’m developing the following ideas for their arsenal. The first group can be used to inflict brawling damage or for their special ability, the second group either brawling or actual damage and their special ability.

  • Non-Lethal
  • Billy Club, daze
  • Whip, disarm
  • Weighted Net, immobilize
  • Cestus, +2 subdue damage in fisticuffs 

  • For Bad Neighborhoods, these may inflict either subdual or actual damage 
  • Dagger
  • Sword Breaker, also disarms
  • Bola, also immobilizes
  • Cudgel

Brawling Damage: opponents have their current number of hit points but brawling damage is “imaginary.” A hit in a brawl deducts normally rolled damage from the target’s hit point total but the damage recovery occurs by resting 6 turns (1 game hour) after the fight. If the damage roll is “6” one hit point of actual damage occurs, plus STR bonus if applicable. 

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