29 October 2016

Variant Human Race: Heptamoni

The Heptamoni (singular: Heptamon) dwell mainly in the northern reaches. They prefer loose-fitting clothing made of unbleached woven cloth, leather stained in light colors, or furs. They average 3"-6" shorter than typical humans, are hirsute and heavy browed, as well as heavily muscled in their frames. Hair and eyes trend toward dark brown. A Heptamon will typically have a one-syllable first name, the name they go by in everyday life, with a rarely used last name consisting of their mother's first name name followed by -childe; or -childemon in the case of a multiple birth. Multiple births are 10% more common among these humans. Their society is matriarchal and worship of Iskela is foremost among their beliefs.

Heptamoni prefer weapons that take advantage of their strength, such as bashing or two-handed bladed weapons. Clerics are revered among the Heptamoni, indigenous magic-users are rare and all MUs are treated with a mixture of respect, contempt, and fear.

The Heptamoni get +1 to all saving throws versus cold-based attacks or magic, roll 3d6+1 for Strength, and 3d6-1 for Dexterity.

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