30 October 2016

Variant Humans: The Elorran

Basically, I've decided to have six human ethnicities in my new supplement, one for each physical attribute. So, what I've been working on in my spare moments is the new races. It isn't just coming up with a backstory, but coming up with a decent name for them. 

The Elorran are slender humans characterized by roman noses and strong foreheads. Their fingers and toes also tend to be very long, though they are no more dexterous than other humans. The Elorran inhabit the region closest to the Upper Serpent River and the western arm of the Frostfang Mountains. The Elorran are tinkerers, inventors, sages, and wizards. They are strategic fighters and though they  are not particularly warlike, they are implacable foes once aroused.  The Elorran have a not undeserved reputation as humorless, stoic, and overly analytical.

Elorran average 3"-6" taller than human norm, with light colored hair. Hair color is usually light brown, blonde, and so blonde as to be almost white. Eyes tend toward blue or grey. Elorran roll 3d6+1 for INT and 3d6-1 for STR, and add +1 to saving throws versus mind influencing spells. Elorran society is lax when it comes to matters of spirituality, so they produce few clerics, but some of the finest mages the world has known have come from the Elorrans. The Archmage turned Sage "Ahmechs the Wise" is Elorran.

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