01 October 2016

What I'm Working On

So, Wobbly Goblin Press (WGP) is basically a one-man operation, though nothing is truly one-person. We all use editors, proof-readers, artists, layout person, etc. Still, I'm the driving force behind WGP so things move slowly, then leap ahead in a fit of manic creation, then stop completely for trips to England or Asia or even Denver CO (who knows where next year, it depends upon which way the wind blows).

So, all the verbiage is in place to dispel any hopes the following announcement will bring. It's not a big flashy [COMING SOON!!!] and the product won't be a leather bound, gilt-edged paper mega-production. It's just another hobby publisher putting out a product.

I'm writing a campaign. I'm trying to go full smash with history, geography, new bestiary, (some) custom spells and magic items, you get the idea. The idea is to pick the book up and have something that both uses your favorite set of pre-1983 rules set or rules clone but is without a doubt not Greyhawk, Blackmoor, Forgotten Realms, Dragonlance, or any other major published work.

Work will be slow. It may be a long time, probably years, before it sees the light of day. But I'm telling you, gentle reader, all this because I'll be posting bits and bobs of it here on this 'blog as I work and I wanted you to know the overarching theme behind a seemingly randomly series of post topics.

A few years back I wrote an alternate psionic system for use with Matt's excellent Swords & Wizardry rules. Unfortunately, the finished product was lost during a move and never published. I finally found a much earlier draft of the rules and I'm working to recreate what I wrote. These will be included in the final campaign book. I'll also release them here.

The final work will be free for download as a PDF or available at cost as a print product. Anything I publish here will be freely usable, may be freely printed, and can be distributed ad lib, though I would appreciate an attribution by name (Cameron DuBeers or Cameron S. DuBeers) on the frontispiece or wherever you attribute other sources in your work. Consider anything I post here, unless otherwise qualified in the text of that particular post, as Creative Commons 4.0:



  1. That sounds wonderful! I love Blackmarsh. Something like that then?

    1. Yes, along similar lines. Rob has a distinctive authorial voice I won't be able to imitate so my work will have it's own flavor. It's just a bit of something to give to the community.

    2. I wouldn't want you to try to be Rob! I want you to be Cameron! I meant that they are of a kind in how they are to be used.