29 June 2018

II-24: Don't Be Thin-Skinned -- Armor & Scrolls, Annotated

Armor: type of magic armor is not indicated, only pluses. When OD&D spoke of “Armor” in relation to adventurers, it often referred to plate-mail. If such a distinction was intended, it went unmarked by many and magic varieties of leather, chain, and plate were often encountered during play.

Scrolls: on the scrolls table the explanatory text states [t]here is a 25% chance that any scroll of spells found will contain those usable by clerics, this text does not appear in the first printing. Turning to page 32, both printings indicate […] [a]ll Scrolls are spells for Magic-Users […]. Many referees of later editions found regarded this contradiction as a simple error and allowed found scrolls to have a the indicated chance of Cleric spells. A few referees interpreted this to mean any Cleric spells found on spell scrolls were usable by, and only usable by, Magic-Users. We owned the first printing and initially did not allow Clerics to scribe spell scrolls.

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