02 July 2018

II-25 & 26, Curses, Rings, & Things; Annotated

Pages 25-26


Curse: the scroll curses listed here are pretty harsh. Especially considering there is nothing to set a cursed scroll and regular scroll apart at first glance. Even more so when one factors in many neophyte referees used this table for all curses in the game. 

Ring of Many Wishes: up to 24 wishes? For careful players this is a boon, for rash players this could be a world breaking item. 

Staves of Power and Wizardry: these are useful items granting in-game MUs many of the powers typically associated with Wizards in lore. The Staff of Wizardry introduces a new spell into the D&D milieu: web. Web would be formalized as a spell in Supplement I: Greyhawk. 
Staves of Healing and Snake: apparently drawn from the Bible’s Old Testament. 

Miscellaneous Magic: lists items drawn from lore and fantasy literature such as the crystal ball, elven cloaks, 7-league boots, flying brooms, and so on. A really good list serving to spur the imagination of a new referee. 

Maps: these refer back to the “Maps” table near the top of page 23. These two tables, as well as the “Magic & Treasure” table appearing at the top of page 26, might have been served better being placed a bit closer to the one on page 23. It was seem to us, at least, the information would flow together more smoothly with this minor change.

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