23 May 2018

OD&D Annotations: Spells Tables, Clerics vs Undead, pp. 21-23

Page 21


Spells Table

Finally! We throw up our hands and rejoice! A use for the rest of those funny-looking dice! But wait, what about third and fifth level Magic-User spells? Time to get creative. 

Clerics Versus Undead Monsters

The first mention of this iconic Cleric ability. Careful perusal of the monster type column reveals the monsters build by Hit Dice starting with ½ for skeletons and building to vampires. An excellent guideline for the enterprising referee.

Page 23

Spells are presented grouped by level but in no discernible order. There are not ordered by alphabet, or grouped by the categories later included in AD&D (e.g. divination, alteration, conjuration, etc.). One is left with the assumption these were typed as they came to Gygax’s remembrance.

Spell descriptions are terse, some with much room for interpretation by referees. Take, for example, the very first spell listed: detect magic. The spell description tells us detect magic has a “limited range” and “short duration.” The specifics of these parameters are left to the individual referee. 

Note: not all spells listed will be discussed, below.

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