12 July 2018

II-34: Bringing On More Staff, Annotated

Page 34


Spell Turning: we used the rules for this ring as a basis for spell duels. 

Wands And Staves: these were used various ways in fantasy literature. D&D chose to depict them as spell storage devices, a perfectly reasonable interpretation. Much was left in these and miscellaneous magic items with regard to charges. For example: what happens when the charges run out? Can these items be recharged? If so, how and by whom? Lots of room for customization to one’s home campaign are to be had. 

We once read a module by an independent publisher likening a wand of fireballs with a single charge to a single-use disposable grenade launcher. That author used several magic items to recreate the special weapons of a SEAL strike team. We admired this approach and have used it several times, that is, providing magic items that will give adventurers a tactical edge for that adventure … should they be recognized as such and used properly.

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